Las Vegas Tre’sure

Las Vegas Has a Hidden Tre’sure

There is a Hidden treasure buried in the vaults of the clubs, casinos, and the many magical venues on the strip of Las Vegas, Nevada. This alluring treasure makes eyes open wide, because the sight of this treasure glitters more than gold, and the sound of this treasure is captivating and draws people in like a magnet attracting metals. This treasure is a singer born with the name, Mark Vincent Brown, aka TRE’SURE. And what does a Tre’sure do? A Tre’sure through sound power and expressive lyrics makes his audience listening dreams come true. So most appropriately Tre’sure travels and performs with a band he conceived, developed and maintains, rightly named The DreamStone Band.

The DreamStone Band

The current DreamStone Band is: Tony Tone (Bass Player/ Music Director/ Vocals), Wayne Gray (Keyboard Player/Sax/ Vocals), Magic Mike (Lead and Rhythm Guitar), Gary Brown (Congos/ Vocals), Norman Beaver (Keyboards/ vocals), who is an original member of the chart topping funk band from the 80’s Lakeside, Phil Proiattei (The Italian Stallion on Lead and Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals), Kippy Love (Drummer/ Vocalist), and last but not least the two singing songstresses of the group Yakira Ketchens and Dianne Gordan. Tre’sure and The DreamStone band together make up a ten piece ensemble that is not just reviving Las Vegas back into a musical oasis, but is also on a national and international uprising that is bound for its place among the greats of our time, and a possible Grammy nomination.

Unique Explosive Sound

Tre’sure and the Dreamstone band has its own unique sound, but could be compared to artist such as, The Ohio Players, Lakeside, James Brown, Roger and ZAPP, The Isley Brothers, Parliament and The Funkadelics, Michael Jackson, Prince and others. But there are more than just the ‘old schoolers’ to whom he can be compared. Among the new schoolers he can be grouped with Usher, Bruno Mars, or The Weekend. Tre’Sure and The DreamStone band has one goal that they fulfill every time they perform; and that simply is, to bring joy and inspiration to all their listeners. If you come to see Tre’Sure and the Dreamstone band, and you are feeling down – you are sure to leave feeling up. If you come to see Tre’Sure and the Dreamstone band and your energy is feeling low – you are sure to leave the show feeling more invigorated. One can be sure you will leave enlivened and feeling better than a cup of coffee or energy drink could ever do.

Hit Single Hitting the Airwaves

Tre’sure is in the process of finishing final touches on the debut album, ‘Tre’Sure for the Record’. And currently the hot single from the album, ‘Get it Girl’ is rocking Las Vegas on KCEP 88.1 – The Peoples Station. There is a saying that goes, “every tree bears its fruit in its due season”. Well for Tre’Sure and The DreamStone band their time is here, and their musical tree is now bearing sweet sounding, ripe for listening, and some juicy musical fruit.

Now Booking

To schedule interviews, and for booking contact their management team DreamStone LLC at or call (702) 682-0278. The band can also be reached by email at The great artist Prince once said, “Music is music, ultimately. If it makes you feel good, cool.” Tre’Sure and The DreamStone Team live up to this expectation beyond the shadow of a doubt.